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Calton Area Association, the driving body behind the Calton Area Regeneration group, is a duly constituted community organisation run by a Management Committee of its members.

It has applied for charitable status and is, with its partner organisations, in the process of setting up a Company Limited by Guarantee, with Charitable Recognition in Scotland, Calton Regeneration Group (CRG), for the purposes of progressing the new build of a Calton Regeneration Centre. This group shall be responsible for the applying for funding to build the Centre and run and maintain it when established.

In the last year the group has completed a Feasibility Study & Community Consultation the results of which have determined the form of the proposed new centre.

The concept for the new centre that has evolved as a result of all of this input is about a community-based regeneration approach.

It shall work in Partnership with others. Adopt an Integrated approach to service delivery; Targeting resources where they are most needed. Underpinning all of this it is Innovative in, not only its use of the local facilities and resources; but in maximising the outcomes of the project by co-ordination and integration of the resources of other agency partners.