Welcome to Calton Area Association

The Calton Area Association is a wholly community organisation consisting of a committee of local residents with the common interest of:

• The betterment and promotion of the Calton Area of Glasgow.
• The social and economic security of the residents of Calton.
• The education and health opportunities available in Calton.
• Care and welfare of the children of Calton.

To these ends the CAA and their forerunners have successfully since 1976 provided facilities and opportunities within the area.

Also within the Calton Area, and often in collaboration with the CAA, there are a variety of similarly minded local groups who organise and provide local facilities and opportunities for residents.   

While the CAA and the other organisations above have provided resources and opportunities for the local community, it is fair to say the process has been a continual struggle, kept going mainly by the dedication of the volunteers and organisers with the support of the community, facilities, good will and funding of Glasgow City Council and other organisations.