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The proposed services are for all age groups, from children of nursery age through to pensioners. However CRG is not just about bringing in or creating new services. Its main role is to better co-ordinate the provision of services which exist at present.

The Centre is part of a larger network of organisations in Calton and the wider East End community. These agencies and groups already have a remit to work in the themes outlined above. Some of the services proposed are provided already within, for example, the Neighbourhood Centre, Healthy Living Centre or under some of the programmes of PEEPS, East End Partnership, John Wheatley College, Culture & Leisure Services of the City Council. The following is a list existing and proposed services the Centre shall offer in conjunction with other partners.

• Employment
• Education & Training
• Recreation & Sports Development
• Social Provision
• Environment & Improvement of Facilities
• Health & Wellbeing
• Children & Young People